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Accountable Care Employer Partnerships

GRIPA offers comprehensive accountable care partnerships with employers throughout the Greater Rochester Region to support them in their efforts to improve the health of employees and retirees and reduce unnecessary costs. With tailored care plans and health and wellness initiatives, 40,000 employees and their dependents stay healthier and avoid high health care costs.

The Accountable Care employer partnership program supports higher quality patient care by utilizing GRIPA’s proprietary integrated community network of physicians, hospitals, labs and imaging facilities connected through electronic access to patient information. With support from GRIPA, care managers and an overall commitment to evidence-based clinical care, these partnerships deliver an elevated and differentiated quality of care to the employees and retirees of our employer partners. Within these employee populations, we target those with chronic conditions and those with pre-cursors to chronic conditions to identify gaps in their health care and then develop and manage tailored care plans to close those gaps.

Improving Quality of Care

GRIPA has a proven track record of improving quality outcomes for its employer partnerships. As gaps in health care are identified, resources are deployed within the GRIPA network of physicians and the GRIPA Care Management team to ensure the needed care is received. GRIPA then transparently reports its activities and the outcomes achieved through the program with employers.

Care Management

GRIPA care managers work one-on-one with employees to offer in depth health education while strengthening the physician-patient relationship by working in collaboration with the employee’s health care providers, regardless of hospital affiliation. See more about our Care Management team and their services.